Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (HRV) Measures: combines EKG and Respiratory techniques.

Used for focusing attention, executive and sport peak performance.

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What is Biofeedback?


Measures: Skin temperature. A biofeedback temperature sensor is secured to a finger, or foot.
 Used for anxiety, hypertension, migraines, Raynaud’s disease, foot ulcers, irritable bowel.

(Called EEG or Brainwave Biofeedback)
Measures: Electrical activity in the brain using electroencephalogram technology. Sensors are placed on the surface of the scalp

Used for addictions, brain injury, focusing attention, epilepsy, hyperactivity, insomnia.

Measures: perspiration activity. Sensors are placed on the fingers or palms of the hand, or area of interest.
Used for Anxiety, hyper arousal, overactive sweat glands.


HRV Biofeedback

Pulse Biofeedback

Measures: Blood flow and finger pulse using photoplethysmography technology. A light/photo sensor is secured to finger.
Used for anxiety, irregular heartbeat, hypertension.

Temp  Biofeedback

Measures: Breathing, breath rate, rhythm, volume, and location. Expandable sensors are secured around the chest and abdomen.

Used for Anxiety, asthma, hyperventilation and heart rate variability biofeedback.

EMG Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a powerful self-regulation technique for learning to control a body function that is not normally under conscious control, such as your skin temperature, heart rate, respirations, muscle tension, brainwaves, and skin moisture.
The measurements are “fed back” to you in the form of visual and audio displays. This information can help you become more aware of how your body reacts in certain situations.


>> Is noninvasive

>> Has Virtually no side effects

>> Is effective over the long-term.

>> Helps you use your body’s own signals to

      improve your health and performance.
>> Teaches you to change what is happening       inside 
your body without drugs or other

     invasive procedures.


Measures: Muscle activity using Electromyogram technology. Sensors are placed on the skin over the muscle of interest.
 Used for muscle tension or strengthening, muscle pain, incontinence, combination headaches, stress, teeth grinding, jaw clenching.

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