Getting Insurance to Cover Biofeedback Treatments

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A referral is not required. An individual may obtain biofeedback and health counseling services without a referral. Individuals can simply pay for treatments out of pocket.
However, insurance plans that cover biofeedback often require a referral or prescription from your health care provider.

  1. Have your physician provide a prescription for biofeedback with the diagnosis for which you are being treated.
  2. Call the insurance company with the prescription in hand.
  3. Get the name and title of each person to whom you are talking.
  4. If your call is transferred, document the name and title of that person too.
  5. Tell the insurance company representative, “I have a prescription for biofeedback from Dr. ____ to treat _________. I want pre approval for treatment so that the biofeedback therapist and I will know what is covered.”
  6. Do not stop with the first representative, if not initially successful. Ask for their supervisor.
  7. If the representative does not know what biofeedback treatment is, ask what information is needed. Refer them to the biofeedback website -
  8. If the representative states that biofeedback is experimental, state that it is no longer considered experimental by the National Institute of Health. Ask what is needed to document the efficacy of biofeedback.
  9. If they say that biofeedback is not covered, ask “What is the appeal process?”.

. Note: Only licensed health care professionals may give you a receipt to file with your insurance company.

More and more insurance companies are recognizing the value of biofeedback. Health insurance policies vary in what they will cover. If you have health insurance, it may or may not pay for biofeedback training. Patients are ultimately responsible for all charges regardless of insurance coverage. Fees for service are paid at time of service. Only personal check or cash is accepted as payment. You will receive an itemized statement following each session. You may copy this statement and submit it to your insurance carrier.

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Do I need a referral?

The patient has the most influence over the insurance company. You are the person paying insurance premiums. The following steps are most likely to help you be successful in getting insurance coverage for biofeedback treatment:

Insurance Coverage for Biofeedback