Will It Hurt?

Rather than passively receiving a treatment, the patient is an active participant. Like any learned skill, the more you practice biofeedback techniques, the quicker you master them.

Homework exercises and assignments are an essential part of the training process. These may include:
   * Information handouts
   * Exercises on digital recordings
   * Use of portable biofeedback devices
   * Exercises in self awareness 

What can I do to boost my Biofeedback Training?

How long do sessions last?
* The initial Aassessment session is

   approximately 60-90 minutes, which includes

   a sample demonstration session.

* The remaining training sessions are 50


* Training sessions are once or twice a week

   depending on the patients schedule.

How many sessions will I need?

*  It depends on the condition.

*  Eight to ten sessions are common for

    biofeedback.  However, some conditions may

    require 30 or more.
*  Recognizable improvement is often noted by   

    the fourth session. 

* Progress reviews occur after each session and

   an in-depth review every tenth session to

   discuss the benefits of continuing treatment.

  • During a biofeedback session, electrodes sensors are attached to your skin. These sensors monitor your body's physiological state, such as brain waves, skin temperature or muscle tension.
  • The signals are sent to a computer which translates this information into sounds, moving graphic lines, or images that represents your heart and breathing rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, sweating, or muscle activity.
  • The biofeedback practitioner personally works with you for the entire training session providing encouragement and coaching. Teaching you the skills necessary to change or control your body’s physiological reactions by changing your thoughts, emotions or behavior.
  • The feedback received from the biofeedback sensors helps you to see the changes you are making in your body and mind. Through trial and error, you can soon learn to identify the mental activities that will bring about the physical changes you want. The feedback serves as a reward that you are making the changes that can help relieve the symptoms for which you sought treatment.

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Only disposable hypoallergenic sensors are placed on the skin. These sensors will not hurt you.

They only receive information from your body.

They will not shock you or change you.


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What Happens During a Biofeedback Session?