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Fostering Mind-Body Connections

​​​Our mission is simple – we're here to provide the best solutions for your life.

Biofeedback Health Solutions, LLC is dedicated to helping individuals identify and self-regulate symptoms associated with acute and chronic conditions that interfere with their wellbeing.

 Aim – to empower individuals with smart solutions for enhancing health and performance. The key to success is our broad range of experience working with adults and adolescents.

Biofeedback Health Solutions, LLC

Practice Focus

Health and wellness among adolescents and adults is the focus of my nursing practice.  I work with clients individually to help them cope with:
 -- Anxiety

 -- Chronic pain

 -- Fibromyalgia

 -- Concentration / Memory
 -- Headaches / migraine

 -- High blood pressure
 -- Jaw pain
 -- Non-epileptic seizures
 -- Stress
 -- Muscle tension